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Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) Operations

What You can See From Above, Is Worth Its Weight in Gold…

Get a “bird’s eye view” of your property and assets with Dark Horse UAV Services. Dark Horse Services, Inc. makes it safe and easy to manage your facilities and assets with an elevated advantage point. Experienced drone pilots are capable of providing a variety of services based on your needs. Remote Pilots in Command (RPICs) offer:

  • Client Property Monitoring & Surveillance;
  • Residential or Commercial Property Photography;
  • Construction Site Monitoring;
  • Inspection Services;
  • Orthomosaics & Aerial Surveys;
  • Public Safety Assistance (including Search & Rescue); and,
  • Data Capture & Analysis


We offer these services by utilizing various UAV systems and specialized software applications, including:

While these are only a few of the many capabilities of UAVs, Dark Horse Services, Inc. and Moonlit Imagery are happy to discuss your project or assignment needs in greater detail.

Night image of Cellular and Radio Communications Equipment utilizing UAV spotlight

Thermal Imaging of Cellular and Radio Communications Equipment