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Below you will see a brief summary of the safety, security, investigation, and training solutions Dark Horse Services has available to its clients. As the safety and security industry continues to evolve and become more complex, it is our mission to simplify those complexities and relieve our clients of the stress, liability, and uncertainty that comes from internal and external risks. By utilizing the Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) framework, our safety and security solutions and personnel will seamlessly become fully-integrated into your organization’s structure. Whether the threat is internal or external, our highly-trained personnel will identify the risks, prioritize the response effort, and mitigate the risks long-term in an efficient and timely manner. In doing so, you, our client, will be provided, and will experience, superior customer service, complete transparency, and professionals who are dedicated to supporting and improving your organization.

Concierge Service
Due to our success in safety and security, a number of our clients have asked us to extend the range of services to include Concierge Services – integrating safety and security responsibilities with those of customer service. Dark Horse Services personnel are individually chosen for their customer service skills, friendly manner, and expertise in safety and security operations. As a result, clients know that both their public reception areas and private office spaces are being managed proactively and professionally.

Concierge services include: full Reception duties, visitor screening, regulating visitor parking, managing incoming and outgoing mail, checking plant and electrical equipment as well as monitoring electrical appliances (for environmental and cost-saving) and patrolling premises, inside and outside, day and night.

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